Uncensored - Russ Meneve - Crazy World Out There

Season 1, Ep 4 05/04/2014 Views: 3,712

Even though the world is filled with chaos, Russ Meneve knows that some things are absolutely perfect. (1:14)

China and Japan'shaving problems.

North Korea,anybody afraid?

Look, no onecares in here.

You should.

Just because their missiles aresmaller and thinner and less


Guys especially,help me out with this.

With all the chaos and thefreak, random disorder in the

world, isn't it amazing howabsolutely perfect that seam

is that runs downyour nut sack?

Nobody saw thatpunchline coming, huh?

Did you know that your nutsack can help you survive

an elephant attack?Did you know that?

Now, I have yourattention, huh, sir?

When the elephant'sgot you pinned down,

you take out yournut sack, all right?

And you pray that the cool airtightens it up so that it has

that elephant skin look.

And, he thinks thatyou're one of him.

But, I always getout of fights, people.


And, guys, take this withyou, it always works.

When a guy asks you to stepoutside, I'm always like,

no problem, buddy.

Let's go.

But, by law, I have to tellyou that I'm HIV positive.

I'm a bleeder,I cut like butter.

Let's do this, man.