Bill Breaks Up the Deal

Bill & Tez’s Sexcellent Sexventure Season 7, Ep 4 02/01/2017 Views: 658

Rival gangs negotiate for a briefcase that contains sex-enhancing turtle eggs, but they didn't count on Bill showing up to save the eggs. (3:39)

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Polynesian greens

just like you ordered.

- Rumored to give the hardesterection in all of the Earth.

Maybe too hard.

both: Mmm.

- Next weekend's orgyis going to be insane.

- Ooh.- Jamie Foxx texted me.

He says he's definitely"coming"

with like seven M's and thena water-squirt emoji at the end.

- You know what that means.- [pleased laughter]

- Do you know?- Oh, okay.

- I would loveto get in that "foxhole."


- Frickin' psycho perverts,

you make me sick.

Okay, Billy Boy, you got this.

[goggles power on]

- Gentlemen!

The eggs!

- May we inspect the goods?

- Ah, ah.

There is the small matterof the transportation fee.

- We already paidthe transportation fee.

- Mm-hmm.

- So

our offer is nein.

- Nine thousand?

- No.- [chuckles]

- Nein.

- Nine hundred thousand?

- Nein.

Like, right before ten,right after eight.

- Nope.- Stupid, you stupid?

- Nope.

- What we are saying is nein,

zero, zilch!I mean, it's like you...

- Ah.- Don't even know

who you're dealing withright now!

We are...

all: The Triad!

[slow motion dramatic music]

- What the hell?

- [indistinct shouts]


- [screams]

[dramatic music]


♪ ♪

- Okay, where are they?

There's one!

[tense dramatic music]

There's another!


[pained moans and groans]

♪ ♪

That's three.


- Ah--oh...

- There should be one more.

There she is.

- Don't move!

- No!

[dramatic music pounds]

- Don't even think about it!

- Ha-ha!

- Thanks for coming back.

- No problem, Bill.Cubicle brothers for life.

- Okay, listen up!

Here's what's gonna--

[glitchy electronic music]

happen a--

God damn it!

[electronic music slows, stops]

[office phones ringing]

- Cigarette, my good man?

[dramatic music pounds]

- Here's what's gonna happen.

[tense music]

You're gonna get your moneyback, but I'm taking those eggs.

End of story, okay?

- Okay, but, you know,before you leave,

I think there mightbe someone

you should say hello to.

[manic laughter]

- Montez, please.

They're gonna hurt me.

- Oh, that's your wife.- Colleen?

Damn, you--changed, baby.

- The eggs, Bill,

or we will blow her brainsall over the floor.

- I'll be taking that.Thank you.

[manic giggling]

- I'm going to killthe fat, ugly one.

For some reason I hate his guts.- Yes.

Do it.

[beatboxing music]