Exclusive - Makin' Connections

Hannibal Buress & Jared Logan Season 1, Ep 1 10/10/2012 Views: 8,457

T.J. Miller shares his remix tape with "Mash Up" guest star Nick Cannon. (1:48)



-I got to use my own guns.

You know, I usually don'tget to do that on a shoot.

-Hey Nick.


What's up?

-Behind the scenarino.


-What's going on?

So, thank you for doingthe show obviously.

It's awesome tohave a series that

has a star studded cameo lineup.

You, of course, headlining that.

-Thanks man, thanks.

-Um, I just wanted to giveyou this it's, um, it's my,

it's the remix tapethat I produced

with my own music album.

So, on Comedy Central Records--

-Wait, so it's a remix of--

-It's a mix tape butit's a remix tape.

-It's a remix tape.


-Or a remix mix tape.

-Another album.


So other people, Ipaid other people

to remix the music that Ipaid someone else to make.

-To make.

-And then I, sortof, rap over it.

It's from, it's a remix of thisalbum but you can also have,

this is the extended play EP.

-How many you got in there?

-No, no, no.


-That's it for CDs on that side.

-Oh, OK.

-Um, but, you know, I thoughtyou could give it to your,

because you're marriedto Jennifer Lopez, right?


Who is it?

I know it's one of the--

-Yeah, uh, Mariah Carey.

-Jennifer, oh, JLo.

No, no, no, Mariah Carey.

Yes, yeah, OK.


-Yeah, so you canpass on to her.

I know you do America'sGot Talent and IM.


-Yeah, so I was hopingyou'd say talent.

But, listen to those andtell me what you think.

And, um, thanks forbeing on the show.

And, uh, I'll see youmaybe next season on AGT.

America's Got-- thanks.