Journey to Dogdoo 8

The Route of All Evil Season 5, Ep 3 02/19/2008 Views: 164

When Cubert and Dwight send the crew on a mission to a fake planet at the edge of the universe, Hermes and Professor Farnsworth decide that enough is enough. (1:55)

( loud belch )

Mmm! The ingredientsare cooked,

and they've picked up some ofyour natural robot flavorings.

Time to add the yeast.

Yeast? You mean...

I'll have a life-formgrowing inside me?

( voice breaking ):It's so beautiful.

( blows nose )

( phone ringing )

Talk to me.

This is Professor Farnsworth.

I have an important deliveryfor you and your dumb crew.

You must deliver a pizzato Dogdoo Eight,

a planet at the edgeof the universe.

( Professor's voice ):Sorry I can't come downto say good-bye,

but I'm busy inventinguseless junk.

And I smell bad.

( both giggling )

( giggling continues )

( video game beeping )


( groans )

If you were my kids,

you'd get quitea talking-to...

from your father...

when he got homefrom the senate.

Oh, bother!What have they done now?

Those pork dumplingssent us on a fakepizza delivery!

The address wason Dogdoo Eight,

but the universeends right afterDogdoo Seven.

Child-mon, is this true?

Yeah, but why areyou mad at us?

Your dummy brigadewasted a week on anobviously fake mission.

Plus, they're making bootlegbeer inside company property.

Lies! Lies and slander!

( loud belch )

Accusing gentle Benderof a misdeed?

That's the last straw!

You boys have beenunderfoot long enough!

You jerked the wordsright out of my mouth.

We're their fathers,and it's high timeswe acted like it.

Ooh-hoo-hoo!Here comes violence.

( clears throat )

Get a job,you lazy kids.

Uh... I guess,if you want children beaten

you have to do it yourself.