Improv Training

Nose Business Like Show Business Season 1, Ep 5 12/16/2013 Views: 1,725

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim give Brody some advice on how to get cast in their movies. (1:59)

I've been in a couple movies.

I know you guys are involved...

in that, directing, producing.

Uh, I've workedwith you guys before.

Would have liked to have beenin the last movie.

If it's not too late, maybe...

It's definitely too late.

I mean, we've stopped.

Stopped production?The movie's out.

I don't know if I evertold you this.

After that shoot, when Brodykind of blew it on live TVon our show.

Yeah, there's lots of magazines,don't you get it?

How would they-- I mean,magazines, it's notwhere it's at.

You know who's a hero? I'll tellyou. Evil Kenevil was a hero.

These guys aren't heroes,you want to meet Kenevil, man?It's not--

I went back to our castingdirector and I said, "Can I seeBrody's headshot and resume?"

I had a suspicionabout something.

I looked in the back.I looked under improv training.

None, there was no--

I said, I can't believewe had this guy on.

Right.I suggest you,as soon as possible...

get into an improv class.

Look what I did with Jonah---Wait, wait! Just hold on.

Let me-- watch this.Eric, apples.



See, this is the fundamentals.

When you don't have thatstructure, okay?

You didn't--All right, let's try with you.




No, see that's--that's fifth-- see?

Yeah.It's like, so simple.

What? I kept it in the--

No, no, but this isn't likeinherently wrong, like--

Okay, I'm gonna try this again.Here, I'll try it with Eric.

Okay.And see how it feels.


Horsey hair.

See? He's on fire, and I didn'tknow he was gonna come withall that stuff.

But that's--Horsey hair.

Yeah.It's shocking how fun that is.

So you're saying improv classes?

Five days a week.I don't care what it takes.

Once you get your certificate,I mean, we will look at it.

We will look at it again.

What if I had a tambourine?Does that change anything?