Exclusive - Chris Hardwick - Blow-Up Doll Question

Chris Hardwick: Funcomfortable Season 1, Ep 1 04/30/2016 Views: 359

When Chris Hardwick decides to take questions from his audience, a woman surprises him with a very personal inquiry. (1:16)

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- You took the time to come out here,

so I would like to answer your questions, if I can.

And, hopefully, I will answer them satisfactorily.

There are microphones on this side, who has a question?

You, right there, yourhand is up right there?

Let's get a mic to that lady.

Just hold it like right up.

People know where to put a microphone.

(audience laughs)

It goes under your mouth.

How come it isn't working?

(audience laughs)

I don't understand!

Um, when you were on Walking Dead, Walking Dead?

I can't hear you!


- Would you do it with ablow-up doll afterwards?

(Chris laughs)

(audience laughs and applauds)

- You know, that's an excellent question.

What's weird is that, I don't think I threw it away.

Isn't that odd, like, youthrow a used coffee filter away

because you're like "That's gross!"

But a blow-up doll you're like

"Nah, back in the sock drawer".

(audience laughs)

Yeah, I probably. I don't remember.

I'm sure we broke up shortly after that.

(audience laughs)

Fair question, fair question, anyone else?

(mysterious music)