Vargus Mason - Denver, CO

Season 2, Ep 0203 06/28/2007 Views: 2,826

It's hard to make fun of white people when you're from Denver, CO. (1:14)

and they say,"Vargus, why do you look like

a broke-ass Lenny Kravitz?"

I'll admit it, I am notyour typical black comedian.

I don't do a lotof jokes about white people.

I'd like to, but I was bornin Denver, Colorado.

It is hard to make fun of whitepeople if you're from Denver,

'cause you can't do the "make-fun-of-white-people" voice.

Do you know whatI'm talking about?

If I wanted to talkwhiter at this point,

I'd have to break offinto Old English.

I'd have to do jokes like,

"Yeah, you know whenblack people make love?

"When we hit it, we like,'Ooh, baby. Ooh, girl.'

"When white people hit it,they're like,

"'These are the forgeriesof jealousy.

"'And never since the middleWinter-Spring have we met

"'by hill, dale,forest or mead...

Oh, Horatio.'"