Lil Rel - Bad Parenting Pt. 2

Lil Rel Season 2, Ep 11 06/07/2013 Views: 15,694

Lil Rel gives an incredibly mature three-year-old a ride home from daycare. (2:39)

Look, I went to pick mykids up one day, right?

And it was one little boy left.

And I guess he was tired--he's like, "Look here, brother.

"Uh... I can tellyou're a real good parent,

"and I've been waiting on you.

"I'm locking up.

Uh, the teacher left."

I'm like, "The teacher left?"

"Yeah, it's partof my work study.

That's the only wayI can be here."

"You got work studyat day care?"

"Yes, work study-- that's theonly way I could be here, sir.

"That's a whole nother story.

"Anyway, can I get a lift? Uh...

"I don't knowwho's picking me up.

Uh, I changed your kids."

"How the hellyou change my kids?"

"I did it, sir;I have brothers and sisters

at home that I take care of."

"You three."

"It doesn't matter, sir;I'm very mature."

He done dug in his diaper.

"Look, I got five dollars, sir.

"Here's a littlegas money for you.

"You don't have to do anything.

"I'm strong as hell.I carry my own car seat.

"You ain't got to a damn thing,sir, you hear me?

I set it up myselfand everything."

I'm like, "Come on, now,you gonna set up your own...

your own car seat?"

He's like,"Yes, sir, yes, I will."

And that's why I gave him a ride'cause I wanted to see it.

I'm like, "All right."


So we walk to the car--I'm gonna show y'all exact...

And he was talking to himselfwhile he's doing it.

Like, it was so funny.

He's like,"Okay, okay, here we go.

"Ooh, you know, 'cause sometimesy'all put us in here

"and the seat beltstill be loose,

"but you guys don't get it.

"Okay, that's tight, all right.

"Okay, me.

Make a left."


So, look...

I drop him off, right?

This is-- I can't make this up.I drop him off.

He take it off, "Okay.

"Take care, brother.

"You are a good man of God,you know that?

You are a blessing."

So, look.

I didn't pull off'cause I wanted to make sure

he got in the house safe,but he had an attitude.

He got on the porch,"Hey, everybody, hey!

"Little Larry is home!

"I'm sick of this mess, okay?

"Y'all watch the Love & Hip-Hop reunion every day.

"You forgot to pick me up.

"I'm sick of this.

Just for that,I'm cutting everything off."

They done put everythingin his name.

"I'm cutting everything off!

"The lights, the gas, the cable.

"It's all off!

"How you like those apples?

I just grew my hair,and I'm losing it again."