A "Pokemon Go" Safety Warning From Nathan Barnatt

07/19/2016 Views: 237

A gung-ho "Pokemon Go" player prioritizes catching 'em all above everything else. (1:40)

- We at Nintendo would like to thank you for

making Pokémon Go the most successful app of all time.

We also know that playing Pokémon Go

can lead to some tricky situations

so we are legallyobligated to remind you

to please be careful while hunting.

Now let's meet Nathan.

Nathan loves Pokémon Gobut if he's not careful,

he could end up hurting himself.

- Charmander!


- So before you catch them all,

please remember to check out--

- Ooh, a Pidgey!

(playful music)

(thumps and crashes)

(breaks glass)

(boxing bell rings) (crowd cheering)


(crowd cheering)

(bat cracks) (crowd moans)

(slide whistle sound) (cracks)



(tires screech)(crashes)

(door opens)

(door slams)

- [Man In Hoodie] Oh my god!

It's Pikachu!


I caught it!


(playful music)