Uncensored - Key & Peele at South Beach

South Beach Comedy Festival 2012 Season 1, Ep 6 03/12/2012 Views: 1,961

Key & Peele discuss their wardrobe malfunction with Jeffrey Ross at the South Beach Comedy Festival. (2:43)

(upbeat music)

- You guys are so funny and here you are doing live shows

and your TV show's a hit.

How long have you been together?

- Well you know, we've been writing scenes together for

about seven years but we've only really technically been

a team for like a year.

- A comedy team.

- A comedy team, together purposed as a comedy team

for a year and a half.

- We scheduled all these dates before we got picked up.

- Really?

- Yeah, yeah.

Now we're writing the second season,

we're still on editing for the first season--

- We shouldn't be here.

We should not be here.

- We should be at work right now.

- Did you guys split your pants?

Is that the rumor?

- We split our pants.

- Is that a first?

- Well, a simultaneous pant split, that's a first.

- Can you believe that (bleep)?

That actually happened.

- At the same time.

- What was the bit?

- We do a bit where we play two white guys.

We love to watch white guys fight outside of bars

like on the strip.

- Drunk white guys.

- And we do like a National Geographic video

where you go each phase of the battle.

And at one pointwe do the lock--

- Locking horns.

- Like get your (bleep) hands off me.

- Get your (bleep) hands--

- Get your (bleep) hands off me.

- Get your (bleep) shirt outta my hands.

- Get your hands outta my shirt.

And while we do it we do these kind of like lunges

and we pop back up and then lunge.

And I literally heard

(mimics pants tearing).

I heard my (bleep) ripand then the girl comes,

one of the women on it and she goes, "Your pants!"

And I immediately grab my ass

because I know she's talking to me.

I turn to look at my partner and his (bleep) is out.

- It's just a gash.

- She was talking about him.

- Were you wearing boxers?

- Yeah yeah, luckily. - Yeah he was wearing boxers.

- The worst, with dice on them.

With little dice.

- Red boxers with little black dice.


- You haven't changed your underwear since Las Vegas.


- So embarrassing.

Well you know, huge fans of your work.

- We love your work.

- Thank you very much.

Now we're talking.

Now we're (bleep) talking.

- Now we're getting down to business.

This guy can roast, you can roast anybody.

- Oh dude well--

- It's like genocidewhen you roast someone.

- Maybe one day you guys will actually be real celebrities

and I'll get to roast you.

- There you go.

- Oh my god.

- Is that Peek and Kill?

Who are those guys?

Are those Speak and Spill?

Who are those guys?

And you won that Corey Booker lookalike contest.

- I did, yeah.

Corey Booker on Slimfast.

- That is, compared to what you did to me

that is soft material.

He gave me the brunt.

- You're like (mumbling) now.

Who the (bleep) are you?

- (Bleep) Corey Booker?

- (Bleep) Corey Booker?

- You look like a Navy Seal

and he looks like he wears Old Navy.

- Unbelievable.

- See this is--

- He's going farther in the direction of you being cool

and me being lame.

I have to say I'm honored.

- No me too this is great.

- (Bleep) Bevis and Blackhead.


- (Bleep) you, you're funny man.