Ron Funches - Pet Shaming

Ron Funches Season 3, Ep 6 06/20/2014 Views: 10,636

Ron Funches demonstrates the proper technique for shaming arrogant animals. (2:33)

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I apologize if anyone wasoffended by my use

of the "N" wordin that previous joke.

I heard a couple of gasps.

I don't use that word often.

In fact, I struggleon whether or not

I should use that word at all.

And I don't believewe should ever

use that word to hurt people.

But I do believe we shoulduse it to shame our pets.

You guys are on board already.

You should be.It's just fun for everybody.

And it makes sense...

if you own a catthat's an asshole.

Or a parakeet that thinksit's better than you.

Oh, you think you better than mejust 'cause you can fly?

(bleep) you.


Flying-ass (bleep) wouldn't beshit without me.

I buy your birdseed.

I buy the scarvesyou refuse to wear.

Wear your scarf, (bleep).


(applause, cheering)


That's my favorite sentencein the world right now.

Wear your scarf, (bleep).

When would that ever come up?

Just very considerate

wintertime gang members?

Like, don't forgetthe drive-bys later tonight,

but it's cold and flu season.

Wear your scarf, (bleep).