Neal Brennan - President Urkel

Neal Brennan Season 1, Ep 4 05/18/2012 Views: 4,489

Neal Brennan hasn't been this disappointed in a president since all of the previous presidents. (1:38)

Like, I said, I like the dude,voted for him.

Gonna vote for him again,but I got to say...


Yeah. I... I'm in this...

Yeah, in some... in some ways,the expectations were so high

that I haven't beenthis disappointed in a president

since allof the other presidents.


But with Obama, the thing is,I gave him money.

That's what hurt.

Like, I believe in the dudeso much

that I donated to his campaign.

Obama was basicallythe stripper

that I was, like,"No, fellas.

This one really likes me."

(laughter and applause)

"Want some...? Po, po, po.

"Hey, baby,you need some change? Hey!

Po, po, po, po, po, po,po, po, po, po, po."

He killed Bin Laden.That was something.

(cheering and applause)


Then they got mad at Barack

'cause he didn'trelease the photos.

But again,Barack's a nerd, man.

President Urkel.


But America's so blood-thirsty,they wouldn't have been happy

unless Barack came outwith, like, a teardrop tattoo,

and was, like, "Yo, thisBin Laden stuff-- done, son."

(cheering and laughter)



(laughter swells, applause)

(applause, cheering,and whistling)

He's black. You get it?

Does black stuff.