Kim Jong-un's Half Brother Is Murdered

February 15, 2017 - Mark Mazzetti 02/15/2017 Views: 37,565

A woman wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "LOL" is accused of assassinating the half brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. (2:23)

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breaking news from overseas.

The half-brother of North Koreandictator Kim Jong-un

was murdered todaywhile traveling in Malaysia.

REPORTER: Police say an unidentified woman

threw a cloth laced with liquid on his face.

REPORTER 2: Police saying CCTV led them to the femme fatale,

a 28-year-old Vietnamese woman

in that LOL T-shirt.


Imagine being assassinated

by an Internet meme.

It's like, your last wordswould be, like,

"OMG, literallydying right now."

This is such a strange thing...This is real life.

An assassin wearing an LO...

Like, assassinsare supposed to blend in.

It's hard to be a spywearing an LOL shirt.

There's a reason Jason Bournedidn't run around

with an emoji on his top.

You know what I mean?It's just like,

"Who was that man?""Oh, it's Jason Bourne.

"I recognized him by the,uh, poop thing, uh, on his, uh,

on his shirt."

But this is a reallytragic story.

Not that you'd know itfrom the way CNN covered it.

WOLF BLITZER: An "un-expected" death.

The half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

dies suddenly overseas.

-No!-(audience groans)

CNN, why?

And you've beendoing so well recently.

A man was killed here,

and you're going with"un-expected"?

And-and that seems bad,

until you realizethat Wolf Blitzer

has an "un-controllable"problem.

BLITZER: An "un-seen" threat.

North Korea says it could launch

an intercontinental missile.

...and "un-stable."

(Blitzer reading headlines)

"Un-der," uh, uh... close scrutiny.

And "un-con-tested."

I should say "un-contested."

Are you (bleep) killing me?

Get help, my friend.