Extended - Nikki Glaser - Dick Tricks

Nikki Glaser: Perfect Season 1, Ep 1 04/09/2016 Views: 2,338

Nikki Glaser reveals the wacky things she likes to do with a man's penis before and after sex. (0:55)

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But here's those--here are some dick tricks

that I just wantto share with you.

Okay, so first one is,

okay, so, like,before you have sex,

when he's just,like, soft or whatever,

you just take his dick,and you just, like,

pretend that it's a hosethat's out of control,

and you're just like,"Whoa! Whoa!"

Like, it's so fun.

He won't like it at first,but it gets it going.

Like, you know,like, he can't--

you're playing with it,you know?

He'll roll his eyes,then he does--

then you knowhe's into it, so...


The waterstarts pumping, so...


And then the other oneis post sex, okay?

This is kind of gross,but, okay,

you know,after they do it,

there's, like,a little bit still on it?

I always like to go,"Ooh, I forgot my lip gloss,"

and just put it onand be like,

"Ready to go."