Pete Davidson - A Questionable Tattoo

Pete Davidson: SMD Season 1, Ep 1 10/29/2016 Views: 10,337

Pete Davidson wants to get a tattoo to honor his deceased father, but he's worried that strangers will misinterpret its meaning. (1:17)

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I want to get my dad's initials,you know.

I want to get it tattooed on me.

I feel like it would bevery cool.

But I found out recentlyI can't.

I don't know whyI never noticed it.

I guess I just neverpay attention,

but my dad's initialsare SMD.


That's why we namedthe special "SMD,"

but SMDalso has other meanings,

like, for instance,"suck my dick."

That's the more popular meaning,

believe it or not.

So my friends are like,"You can't get that tattoo,

because people will thinkyou're an asshole."

You know?

And I agree.

I'm like, "You're right.I shouldn't."

But then I thought about it.

I was like, "I should."

I was like, "I could only win."

I was like, "If someone hasthe balls to bring it up to me,

oh, I would win, like,so fast."

Like, I will never lose.It's so dope.

Think about that.

I'll have it on my neck.

[bleep] having a good time.

Girls come up to me,

and they're like,"You're a [bleep] pig."

All I got to do is be like:[whimpers]

"Actually,it's my dead dad's initials."

And then they'll feel so bad,

they'll probably suck my dick.