Joey Wells - Can't Stop Watching "Hoarders"

Kevin Hart Presents Plastic Cup Boyz Season 1, Ep 1 04/11/2015 Views: 7,559

Whenever Joey Wells needs to feel better about himself, he simply watches an episode of his favorite reality television show. (1:32)

Anybody in herewatching "Hoarders?"

Anybody in herewatch "Hoarders?"

Oh, oh, this show is[bleep] amazing, ain't it?

Aw, let me tell yousomething. "Hoarders," make

you feel good about yourself.


You can't believe a mother[bleep] live like this.

You can be in the middle ofcleaning up, and you gone stop.

No, no stop.


Everybody stop!

Look at the dirty mother[bleep] right here.

No, no, no. [bleep] them dishes.

This bitch ain't washeddishes since the '90s.

Look at her.

But I tell you this.

Every time it gooff, I take some shit

out my house, every time.

I be like, naw, getthe shit out of here.

No, no. [bleep] that.

And they all say thesame thing, don't they?

They all act likethey don't know

how this shit got like this.

They all say it too.

They go, I-- I-- I-- I don'tknow how it got like this.

I was, I was 12, and,and my-- and someone

stole my puppy, Bubbles.

And I decided at thatmoment to never ever wash

again anything with Bubbles.

And, and now this is it.

You know.

And they alwayssay the same thing.

I don't know howit got like that.

And you looking at them.

You like, you're a liar.

The [bleep] night that youhad to sleep standing up,

there's too muchshit in your house.