Aparna Nancherla - Self-Esteem Pickpockets

The One with the Clearance Issues Season 2, Ep 6 08/04/2015 Views: 2,348

Aparna Nancherla discusses what she's learned about herself since moving to New York City. (1:33)

One thing I wasn't readyfor when I moved there...

was New York is the fashioncapital of the country...

so there's all these modelswalking around, which waskind of a bummer.

Just like feral modelswandering the streets...

that no one warns you about...

and they're always steppingout of buildings when youleast expect it.

Just like ruining your day.Just like-- agh!

And you're like, "No!I'm down here!" You know?

I don't have much.I don't know.

Models to me, feel likeself-esteem pickpockets.

Like they're fineat a distance...

but then you directly walk byone, and you're just like, "No!

"I have nothing.

"Even my personalityis the wrong shape."

People talk about New Yorkmoments...

I think it should bea separate category calledNew York Breaking Points.

Uh, I had mine a couple monthsago. I was walking in Manhattan.

I just saw a loose muffin thathad fallen on the sidewalk...

and I just kicked itreally hard!

I was like, "I didn't know thatabout myself.

"I didn't know I was a muffinkicker."

Like the top shot offin one direction...

the body kept rolling, I waslike, "Sick! Children lookaway!"

It's like, if you see something,say something.

What if it's you?

What if you're the something?