Jeff Dunham - Bubba J's Scottish Strip Club Experience

Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map Season 1, Ep 1 11/16/2014 Views: 18,681

After ordering tatties and neeps in Glasgow, Bubba J explains to Jeff Dunham why he is disappointed by the unsexy food his waitress delivers. (1:12)

Did you know thatpeople in Scotland

by 40 bottles ofwhiskey every second?

-This is my favoritecountry ever.

Do they NASCAR in the uck?

-In the what?

-In the uck?

-The-- oh, UK.

-Oh, you can spell.

-But Glasgow is, uh-- you toldme it was confusing for you?

-Yeah, it is.


-Yesterday at lunchmy waitress asked me

if I wanted sometatties and neeps.


When I said yes, insteadof taking off her top,

she brought me food.



It was the worst stripclub I'd ever been to.

-Tatties and neeps areserved with haggis.

-Well, he didn'tshow me that either.

-We've been talkingabout Scotland a bit.