The Mall of America's First Black Santa

December 5, 2016 - Van Jones 12/05/2016 Views: 31,658

The Mall of America in Minneapolis hires its first black Santa Claus, sparking racist backlash online. (1:50)

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breakingnews from the North Pole...

of Minnesota.

NEWSMAN: For the first time, the Santa bringing joy

to lives of little ones at The Santa Experience

inside the Mall of America is black.

It's no big deal.I'm still Santa.

You know, but I just happento be a Santa of color.

Black Santa in the house!

-(whooping, applause)-Hey!

That's so cool!Although, I will say

I'm a little worried for him--because you know that sleigh

is getting pulled over.Don't play around.

-(laughter)-Sir, are you aware that

one of your reindeer's nosesis out?

But obviously,this really is great news.

Though there is one funny thing.

You know how certain peopleare always saying,

"Liberals are the real racists.

"Why do they make everythingabout race?

Because I don't see color."

Well, uh,they sure saw it this time.

NEWSWOMAN: A black Santa Claus at the Mall of America,

the country's largest mall,is causing a torrent

of hateful, racist comments.

NEWSMAN: There was a lot of outrage about his visit,

with some people online even calling for a boycott.

Not a boycott at Christmas.

What are you doing?Let me get this straight.

There are people who say,

"Santa Claus fliesaround the world

"in a sleigh pulledby magical reindeer,

"delivering millions of toysin a single night.

"I buy that.

"But wait, he's black?That makes no sense!

That makes no sense!"

You know what, though?To be fair, to be fair,

I can see why certain white dadswould be upset about this.

Because now, if your kid seesthat Santa's black,

dressing up as Santafor Christmas

is gonna be real awkwardfor them, you know?

Just, like, coming down,and you got the whole outfit,

going, "Ho, ho, ho!Merry Christmas!"

And, like, "Daddy,why are you in blackface?"

(adult voice): "Damn it,Andrew, why are you so woke?"