Uncensored - Jimmy Shubert - Therapy Cat

Ali Wong, Junior Stopka, Jimmy Shubert Season 1, Ep 7 05/25/2014 Views: 6,552

While boarding his flight to New York, Jimmy Shubert sees something that he's never seen before. (1:32)

Guys, we're going to keepit going now with another guy

who is just so funny.

There's no way to close the showbetter than with this dude.

Philly's ownJimmy Shubert.

Give him a hand.

Dave Attell, everybody!

Keep it going forMr. Dave Attell!

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New York City,how are you?


It's good to be here.

I flew in.

I get on a plane to fly backhere and this lady gets on the

plane with a cat and the cat hasthis little orange vest on it

that says"therapy cat".

I don't know whatthe fuck that is.

I've never seenone before.

Is that where we'vegotten to as a species?

Look, I love animals.

I love 'em so much I don'town one because I found out,

if you go on the road for threeweeks, they get real skinny.

Anyway, the point is I wouldnever drag one onto an airplane

for my own selfish needs 'causeI know cats don't do well in

pressurized situations.

That plane takes off, the cabindecompresses, that cat starts

freaking thefuck-- (hissing)

"Hey, lady, I don't knowhow to tell you this,