Ron Lynch - Broken Intercom

Lynch, Henson, Taylor Season 2, Ep 13 05/20/1993 Views: 2,589

Flying is weird when the intercom doesn't work. (1:31)

How many, uh-- How many?

One, two, that's it?

Three, four, five, six.


That's weird, isn't it?

So anyway, I, uh,coming over here,

wrong suit to wearon the street.

Kids running after me, Barnie!


I hate you, youhate me, get away.

Hit the bricks, kid.


-One thing I love about NewYork is no wax museums here.

Or at least I don't think so.

But you never see anybody comingout of a wax museum like this.


Usually it's a littlemore like-- And they have,

Believe It or Not museums.You seen these things?

There's a sign at the endthat says, believe it or not,

you just spent $7 on this.

But it's a good michere, a sound system.

Sometimes I'm workingin a bar, a loose wire

is cutting out every other word.

I'm trying to tell a joke.

For example, well, like flying.

Flying is kind of weird.

You know, get on the plate and--

[broken speech]

--flotation device.

You know, I get thepilot gets on the horn.

[broken speech]

---at 3,000-- -rightside-- canyon.

But you know, eh, eh,eh.

I mean where the fuck is she?

--at the stewardess-- --putthis in the upright position.

But, uh, hopefullythat won't happen here.

I uh, flying is really weird.