Tommy Johnagin - Finishing College

Burr, Fox, Fulchiron, Bjorgen, Lenox, Rontowski, Johnagin Season 1, Ep 5 08/10/2006 Views: 9,050

People who think it's hard to finish college in three years assume that you finished with a degree. (0:53)

I went to college to do this--not really.

I finished collegein three years.

A lot of people say

that's hard to do, but allthose people have degrees.

( muttering ):Not me-- I don't have...

They're like,"How'd you finish so quickly?"

And I go, "I just said, 'I'mfinished,' and then, I left."

Like nobody's gonna stop me?

I went to a community college,'cause I'm not very smart.

The hardest thing to doat a community college

is cheat on a test,

because the only peopleyou can cheat off of

also go to a community college.

I was like, "What'd you getfor number three?"

The guy is, like,"True. What'd you get?"

I go, "Finland. Wow.

One of us is goingto get this wrong."

I lost my virginity in college,

which is kind of latefor some people.

The girl was, like,very experienced.

She was a chatterbox, she waswanting me to talk dirty to her.

She goes, "Tommy, tell mewhat you're thinking."

So I smacked her on the butt,and I was like,

"I can't wait to tell my friendsabout this."