Kate Berlant - Played in the Moment

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 20,773

Kate Berlant has a lot of questions about humanity's violent linear structure. (1:15)

-Where are we?

I mean, it was like,coming up here,

intellectually, Iknew, but spiritually,

it was still very open.

You know, it was kind of thisprocess of, you know, OK, it's

a show, coming up, expectations,who I could have been, right,

who I could be, right, kind of.

The dichotomy of, you know,mother, father, always here,


Divorce, right?

Duffel bag, differentstage, right?

Endless shuffle, right?

A shuffle that kindof becomes constantly

replicated in the future, right?

You know?

And sort of time, right?

Linearity-- is it linear or no?


Scientists every dayare actually coming up

with theories that timeisn't linear, right?

It's more of a ribbon, right?

But why do we insist on adheringto that linear structure,


I want to say it'sviolent, and I will, right?

It is violent.

So kind of thatmoment, right, coming

up here, seeing the stool.

Oh, you know, wow.

You know.

And kind of, is it a stool?

Yeah, it's a stool.

Is it a stool?

Wow, materiality, right?

The body.

The body, is it somethingto escape or to embrace?

I don't know.

And again, my name,Kate Berlant-- who

gave you that name?Your father.

Where is he now?

You know.

Um, so really, all of thatbeing played in the moment.

Where are we know?

Uh, is this a mixer?