The Big Crash

What Nose Up... Must Come Down Season 1, Ep 7 12/23/2013 Views: 838

Brody worries that the depression he has been feeling is going to last forever. (1:02)

When I was here months ago...

I didn't feel bipolar,I felt great.

Everybody said, "Brody, you'reback. Celebrate. Buy that condo.

"Get that car.Go back on Conan."

Well, I haven't beenback on Conan.

I hate you!

Oh, you gotta get adjustedto your meds.

You had a manic episode,be ready for the crashof your life.

But I just feel out of sort.

Nobody ever told meI would crash like this.

You know, you go up,you're on top of the world.

You feel like you're back,and then, I went down.

I'm in Hollywood, I'm trying it.

Sleeping 14 hours, havinga chemical straitjacket on me.


It's pulling my soul.

I can't be who I am,because I'm on these meds.

Is this the new Brody?I don't feel good.