Sean Donnelly - Fashion Inspiration

Sean Donnelly Season 4, Ep 11 11/14/2015 Views: 4,524

Sean Donnelly acknowledges his "look" and talks about dressing for his body type. (1:33)

I have to wear these clothesbecause they match my face.

That's why I wear these clothes.

I have manual labor face.That's what it's called.

I have "I'm the headof the union" face.

I have "I like to fishon the weekends" face.

That's what it is.

I know exactly what I look like.I'll tell you why.

'Cause the other day,I walked into a store,

and I saw two otherfat bearded guys,

and the minute I walkedin the store,

they both nodded at meat the same time.

Just like,"You're home, brother.

"Don't worry about it.

This is your mother shipcoming to pick you up."

And I nodded back. What the hellwas I nodding back at?

I nodded right back.I'm, like, "Yes, you got it!"

Was I just nodding backat other fat bearded guy shit?

Is that what it was?

It's, like,"Yes, I have the nachos.

"I brought nachos, yes!

"Yes, my mother will drive usto WrestleMania.

Yes, right, exactly."

(laughter and applause,Donnelly giggles)

This is not a good look.

This is not a hot,bangable look.

Do you know what I'm saying?

You have a hot look, sir.

You look like you're readyfor vacation or some shit.

You look great!This is not...

When I was single,I would got to bars,

and women would tell meI look like I'd be a good dad.

What do you...? You can'tsay anything back to them.

What do you say back to them?You can't be, like,

"Well, Daddy wantsto buy you a drink.

"How about that?

"Do you want to get loadedwith Daddy tonight?

"What do you say? Hmm?

Shots on Daddy.There we go!"