Nate Bargatze - Time Travel

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 5,970

Even if Nate Bargatze could travel through time, he's not sure he would have much of an effect on the course of history. (1:20)

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Like, I think of it like--

like time traveling.

Like, if I could go backin time--

like, if I could goback in time tonight

and go back to, like,the '20s,

knowing everythingI know right now,

I don't thinkI would make a difference.


I don't think you guyswould even hear about it.

I don't think you would.

I just don't--like, 'causeI don't have anything to get--

You know, like I would go back,and I would see, like,

some guy on a old phone,and I would be like,

"Hey, eventuallythey have phones

you, like, carryin your pocket."

And they're like, "Yeah?"It's like, "How do they do it?"

I'm like, "Phew, I mean,I don't know how they do it."

[laughter and applause]


I think it's a satellite?I think--a satellite?"

They're like,"What's a satellite?"

"Oh, I shouldn't haveeven said that, uh..."


"It's like metal--

"Metal's got to gopretty high in the air.

I don't knowif you guys are doing"--

I don't even know if I couldprove I'm from the future.

I don't even think I could.

I think I would just get stuck,

'cause they would wantsomething.

Like,"Who's the next president?"

"Oh, boy.Uh...

"Ooh--Abraham Lincoln.

You guys are gonna love him.He's really good."

They'd just thinkI'm from the past.

That's--they were like--It would just look--

And then I'd have to geta regular job.

I would just have to, like,wait tables or something

in the '20s.

I would go back in time

and do worsethan I'm doing right now.

[laughter and applause]