Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Adrienne C. Moore's Name Change

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The "Orange Is the New Black" star can guarantee herself an Emmy, but there's a steep price to pay. (2:03)

(crowd cheers)

- Alright, I'm here with Adrienne C. Moore

and it's time for the game we like to call Keep It 100.

Keep it 100.


You know how this works,

I give you a question,

you have to keep your answer 100% real,

if you do, you get this nice sticker,

if not, a little weak tea.

Pretty simple.

This is a fun one, you're gonna like this one.

- Okay.

- You're gonna like this one.

And you always keep it 100.

- I know, I know.- [Larry] You don't have

to worry about it, just relax.

You earned an NAACP Image Award nomination for

your portrayal of Black Cindy right?

(audience cheers) - [Adrienne] I did!

- [Voiceover] Very good.

- I did.

- On of course Orange is the New Black we all know.

Now, would you legally change your name

to Black Adrienne if,

and you have to do it for the rest of your life,

if it would guarantee you an Emmy win for your role.

Before you answer!

- Okay.

- It's just white peoplethat call you that

and they get to touch your hair.

Go for it.


- But wait, the one thing you did not add was

would I be getting money?

- [Voiceover] You get an Emmy--

- Would I be getting a certain percentage every time,

cause if I was getting acouple of thousand every time--

- It sounds like you'rekeeping it 60 right now.


- No not if it was white people,

no offense white people, no offense, I'm keeping it 100,

but I am from Nashville, Tennessee.

- Just white girls, just white girls.

- Oh, then definitely no.


Definitely no.

- You would not do it for an Emmy?

- Not for an Emmy, I'm going for the Oscar.

I'm going for the Oscar.

- Alright, what do we think?

I don't know...

- She kept it real, she gave up an Emmy.

- I think she gave up an Emmy.

- She gave up an Emmy.

There you go.

She gave up an Emmy.

(audience applauds)