Kyle Kinane - Finally Getting Into the Rap Game - Uncensored

The One with the Horror Stories Season 1, Ep 8 09/18/2014 Views: 13,683

Kyle Kinane describes what it's like to be so drunk that he becomes fiscally responsible and how it feels to discover rap later in life. (1:17)

I recently gotWarren Buffett drunk.

Which is where you get drunkenough that you actually becomefiscally responsible.

Where you're just nudein a hotel room...

just screaming out at yourreflection in a sailboatpainting.

Don't even fuck aroundwith those chicken soft tacos...

when you got your big money tiedup in a Crunchwrap Supreme.

I'm in a very strange place,like I just got my rapgame together.

Um, only rap from whenI was younger.

So, like, not new rap,but just like Cypress Hill.

I'll just be in the parking lotof the mall, like...

They played the bong sounds,'cause it's Hits from the Bong.

And there's a bong sound in it,and it's funny.

But then, I'm also old enoughwhere I'll just scratch my earswith my car keys.

Be like,"Oh, this is better than sex."

So, I either look likesomebody's awful dork dad...

Or like a weird assassin.

Just like listen to rap that'sjust-- I'll be like a pelicancase coming out like...

Have you heard NWA? Neverlistened to it. That stuffis crazy!

That stuff is nuts, man.I know.

Oh, that's him? Okay, screw,screw, screw, poof.

God, nobody will remember me.

I look like skate dad.I'm fine, put that backtogether.