Adam Newman - Meeting Really Religious People

Adam Newman Season 3, Ep 4 06/13/2014 Views: 4,733

The first time Adam Newman met a devout Christian, he was a little confused by his interior decorating choices. (1:56)

I'm not a very religiousperson, though.

I've prayed twicein my whole life

and they were bothtrips to Coinstars, but, um...

I didn't meet my firstreally religious people,

the Jesus-enthusiast types,until I moved down South.

I grew up in New Hampshire,

I went to schoolat University of Georgia.

I remember going toa friend of a friend's dorm

and this kid hadpictures of Jesus

covering all four wallsof his dorm.

Uh, paintings, not photos.

And, uh...

'Cause that would be amazing,

if they were photos of Jesus.

I would have convertedimmediately

if they were photos of Jesus.

But he had pictures of Jesus,uh, paintings,

covering all four wallsof his dorm.

I'd never seen anything like it,

so I asked him, "Why do you havepictures of Jesus

covering all the wallsof your dorm?"

And he goes,"The reason I do that

is because I consider Jesusto be my best friend."

And at the time, I took thatas an okay answer

and I went home andI thought about it.

And I thought, my best friendis Eric.

If Eric came overto my apartment...

...and all the wallsin my apartment

were covered inpictures of Eric,

Eric would thinkI wanted to sleep with him.

Especially ifthey were paintings.

Do you guys think ifthey put Jesus on the penny,

they'd call it a JC penny?

Come on.

This guy at a partywas telling me

that they're notmaking pennies anymore,

'cause it costs more thanone cent to make each penny.

Have you ever heard that?

WOMAN:Yeah.I said,"Oh, that's really boring.

I wish I was talking to a girl."