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The first presidential debate of 2016 will be livestreamed on Facebook, so Mae Whitman, Derek Waters and Rich Fulcher invent new reaction emojis for the occasion. (1:14)

Monday marks the first

presidential debate between

"Golden Girls" Voltron Hillary

Clinton and fancy Magmar Donald



And... for the first time ever,

Facebook will be live-streaming

the debates.

That means while you're

watching, you'll be to see the

flood of people responding with

Facebook's new reactions, such

as "angry" or "wow."


Which, appropriately enough,

look exactly like both

candidates. Uh...


(applause and cheering)

>> That's amazing.

>> They do.

>> HARDWICK: That is the face

both of them will be making when

Trump finally blurts out the "C"

word. Uh...


So, comedians, what are some

other reactions Facebook should

ad for the presidential debate?

Derek Waters.

>> You know, just a face, and

then it says "U.S.A.," question


It's real.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, okay. Points.

Rich Fulcher.

>> Jeb Bush eating a ladle full

of sleeping pills.


>> HARDWICK (laughing): Points.


>> A face of me watching "Kevin

Can Wait" instead of this bull


>> HARDWICK: Okay, all right.

>> Yeah!

>> HARDWICK: "Kevin Can Wait."

"Kevin Can Wait."

(applause and cheering)

>> Hey, that's a good show.

That's a good show.

>> Hey.

>> HARDWICK: "Kevin Can Wait."