Deleted Scene - Replacing Chop Chop

Servants' Disease Season 2, Ep 6 07/20/2016 Views: 273

After the Gentleman Callers lose their star performer, Albert steps up to fill the void (0:40)

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- Last week our barber shop quartet,

The Gentlemen Callers, lost our best singer,

Chop Chop Elwood in anunfortunate industrial accident.

He was bisected by a loom.

- I decided I would take Chop Chop's solo

because my voice combines the warm tones of a French horn

with the deep sensualityof a Kiwi bird.

- Yes, while Albert's voice is technically precise

it lack the pain of theworking man's struggle.

After all, barber shop is all about authenticity.

The streets, survival, or as they say back in Bavaria,

mein kampf.