Exclusive - Patton Oswalt - Lisa Lampanelli's Bling - Uncensored

Roast of William Shatner Season 1, Ep 101 08/20/2006 Views: 7,841

Patton Oswalt details the perks of Lisa Lampanelli's sexual preferences and explains why he couldn't pick on William Shatner. (0:58)

Lisa Lampanelli has fuckedmore black men

than the Tuskegee experiments.

Don't groan at that,she does very well.

Do you know how much blinggets left in Lisa's snatch?

It's like a pawn shop down there.

Yesterday Carlos Menciatried to rob it.

Luckily, he passed outfrom the smell.

William, look--

I didn't really pickon you that much.

As a nerd, it reallyis a big deal

for me to be up here.

It's hard for me to writeanything mean about you.

This means a lot to me.

I'm gonna go now.

But before I leave,

just settle a betfor me and my friends.

Could you, uh...

Could you act your way outof this for me really quick?


Folks, thank you very much.

And thank you,William Shatner.