Brett Gelman - Tiny's Big Performance - Uncensored

The One with Tiny Season 3, Ep 7 11/16/2016 Views: 1,108

When Gelmania's Brett Gelman invites his friend Tiny to the stage, the two collaborate on a very creepy experimental musical performance. (2:39)

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big round of applause

for my very good friend...

Tiny, everybody.Here he comes.

Give it up for Tiny!

[measured electronicpercussive music playing]

- [squealing rhythmically]

[thunder booms]

[cheers and applause]

[high-pitched voice]Hi, Brett.

- Hi, Tiny.It's great to see you.

Oh, doesn't he have

just such a beautiful singingvoice, ladies and gentlemen?

[cheers and applause]

- I took him out 'cause I knewBrett's act would scare him,

'cause it's just like very loudand a lot of vibrations.

- Yeah.

- So, Tiny...

I've been telling them

what you've beentelling me,

and it's really been helping meget through,

you know, these hard times.

- Yes.

- Hey, why don't you tell themwhat you've been telling me?

- The Earth will be fine.

In the order of the wolfand the crooked knife,

the Earth shall speakits true name...


- Okay, no.No, I'm sorry.

- [squealing]Death.

- Tiny! Tiny!Tiny, stop it, Tiny!

- [continues squealingrhythmically]

- I don't knowwhat's happening to me.

- Sorry.