Chris Hardwick - Gen X Grandpa

Chris Hardwick: Funcomfortable Season 1, Ep 1 04/30/2016 Views: 2,640

Chris Hardwick mentioned his favorite movie while performing at a college, but none of the students recognized it, and he felt older than he ever had. (1:36)

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I had my first old man momentnot that long ago.

I was performing at Stanford,not that far from here.

It was just about to bethe 30th anniversary

of my favorite movie,"Back to the Future."

30th anniversary,

amazing movie, one ofthe best movies of all time.

Everyone's seen it.Everyone loves it.

And as I was kindof describing like, "Hey,

are you guys excited about'Back to the Future?'"

Quiet, nothing.

They just got really weird.

There was nothing.

And then I realized...[gasps]

They've never seenthe movie before.

So I asked the [bleep]in the front row.

I go, "What year were you born?"He goes, "1997."

I'm like, "[bleep] you, man."

Like, now I'm getting mad at him

for somethingthat's not his fault.

How [bleep] dare you be born

12 years too lateafter the greatest movie

in the history of...

Do you understand?

That would be likewhen I was in college,

if some creepy old guywas onstage going,

"'Gone With the Wind'was the greatest Goddamn movie

"in the history ofentertainment.

"You little shit bags aretoo far up your own butts

to know anything."

Do you understand?Now I'm just grandpa Gen X,

just shouting at them onstage.

In my day, movieswere about important things,

like time travel,

and they taught usvaluable lessons,

like always meet an old man

in a mall parking lotat 1:00 a.m.

when he asks youto bring a video camera.

[cheers and applause]

And when I was your age,if you wanted to see tits

on the Internet, you hadto make 'em out of commas.