Jonah & Kumail - Sex-Toy Warehouse

The One with the Worst Jobs Season 1, Ep 3 08/07/2014 Views: 4,658

Kumail Nanjiani didn't make much money while working at a sex-toy warehouse, but he did enjoy a few perks. (0:55)

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I worked at a sex toy warehouse.

Sex toy warehouse?

Yeah, it wasn't the nameof the store.

It was just a real warehousewhere they put the sex toys.

Like-- like when you-- Sir, whenyou go to the sex toy store...

Sir, when you go tothe sex toy store.

No, no, no, no.No, you, bro!

Yeah, yeah.

When you go to the sex toystore, sir...

you don't think of the guy who'sjob it is to carry the dildosfrom the warehouse to the truck.

Well, that was me for a week.

I had to carry dildosevery day, 20 of them.

I got better at it, you know.Better at carrying them.


And my boss would always callthem items or merchandise.

And I'm all wanting to be like,"You mean dildos?

Yeah."Say dildos."

Terrible job.Less than minimum wage.

I made less than the minimum--and he was like--

Well, the perks, you know?

You get dildos at cost.