Welcome to the Rage Brigade

Shy Guy Season 3, Ep 3 03/17/2016 Views: 680

Adam invites Anthony DeVito, Noah Gardenswartz and Neel Nanda to join the Rage Brigade, his exclusive drinking crew. (1:16)

[luau music]

- I'm sorry to wakeyou guys up so early,

but I just wanted to geta sunrise Snapchat.

I'm so into beauty,as of late.

- Adam, the sun rose,like, six hours ago.

- Yeah, but we'reon island time,

so we'll justget it in post, right?

But first, I have somethingpretty special for my friends.

[all mumble]

I would like toformally invite you into my

drinking crew...- Oh.

- The Rage Brigade.

- What?- Yes!

- We're a drinking gang.Yes, you guys are

the official first members...- That's amazing.

- And I know your sizejust from your frames.

- I don't want to say anything,but I'm already drunk.

- Honestly, I could tell.

- Yeah, man,I never go out anymore.

I'm gonna party harderin the next 24 hours

than I ever have.- I'm gonna die tonight.

I'll freaking kill myselffrom drinking.

But first, we gone Snapchat.- All right.

- Shirt on or off,what do you think?

- Let's do both, man.- Both!

- Yeah.- All right, let's keep it sexy.

- Uh, lean on that tree.- Okay, yeah, very good.

You're like a director.

- Little moreon the tree, yeah.

That's a pretty tree;you got a nice background--

all: Oh!- Oh, [bleep]!

- Oh, [bleep]![bleep]

- [bleep], I'm notdrunk enough for this, I--

Thanks for the jacket.

- Honestly, I'm too drunkfor this, I'm out.

- [bleep]Rage Brigade, bro.