Happy Burnday - 9/11, Wiz Khalifa & Yao Ming

Week of 9/10/2012 - Knoxville, Miller, Buress, Harris Season 1, Ep 5 09/11/2012 Views: 21,912

Jeff extends birthday greetings to rap superstar Wiz Khalifa and professional basketball player Yao Ming. (1:19)

Welcome to "The Burn."

How you guys doing?



I love you guys.

Let's start with somebirthday shout-outs.

Happy 11th birthday, 9/11!

Two more years it'llbe your bar mitzvah.


Never forget.

Which is hard when yousmoke as much weed as I do.

That reminds me.

Turning aquarter-ounce this week

is rap superstar Wiz Khalifa.

I love this guy.

His name is short for wisdom.

So think how bad hisbrother Jizzdom feels.

I can't wait for his new album.

With a name likeWiz, I'm surprised

it hasn't been leaked yet.

And happy birthday to Yao Ming.

What's up, Yao Ming?

Love this guy.

Born in Shanghai.

He was the first-everChinese child

to play basketballinstead of making them.

He's not in theBasketball Hall of Fame,

but he does keep leavingmenus under their door.

Actually, I sawhim play live once.

He drove to the net.

He somehow hit a fire hydrantand ran over seven kids.

Happy birthday, everybody.