Leela's Timeline

Leela's Homeworld Season 4, Ep 5 02/07/2008 Views: 6,655

The Planet Express crew manages to avoid a gang of mutants, only to come upon a Leela-centric museum. (1:45)

( gasps )

Great Cheech's ghost.

What's this junk?

It looks like

a timeline ofmy whole life.

That's when we saved Earth

from a giant asteroidof garbage.

And here's whenI dropped out

and bummed around Indiafor a while.

And this is just last yearat Space Mardi Gras.

It's like some kind ofweird Leela museum

and I'm the Leela!

FRY:Dude, over here!

It's allthe best stuff

I ever flusheddown the toilet.

Those are someof my diary pages.

And my screenplay.

And also, for some reason

the letter I wrote youfull of my personal feelings.

Oh, I'm scared.

My whole lifehas just been a show

for some perverted mutant.

MUTANTS:They must be in here!

Yeah! Get 'em!

And then Bender ran.

Leela, freak out later.

We're not doneescaping yet.

( grunting )

( yelling )

Got you!

Take this!


This time I'm callingfor the death penalty

and not just because

I'm running for reelectionas Supreme Mutant.

( chanting ):Four more years!

Four more years!


( whispering )

Ah, very well.

Your attention!

Instead of beingtortured to death

the prisoners shall herebybe expelled from the sewers

and never allowed to return.

Oh, cruel fate!

Can we really never returnto this dank pit of sewage?

Wait a minute.

Why aren't you goingto kill us anymore?

Yeah, what are you, chicken?

( clucking )

Shut up, you two.

We can kill ourselveswhen we get home.