Quinn Dahle - Driving While Hammered

Season 4, Ep 0404 11/06/2009 Views: 3,513

Police officers should be more concerned with elderly drivers than with drunk drivers. (2:07)

That's my kind of people.

Yeah,I've been drinking too much.

I got so drunk the other night,oh, my God.

Guys, you ever come home afterdrinking beer all night

and you start peeing forlike five minutes straight?

And your girlfriend's like,"Oh, my God, get out of bed!"

You ever have that?(laughter)

That's the worstest one.

Be careful if you're driving.

I got pulled over recentlyand I was hammered.

The cop was like,"Where you headed tonight?"

I was like, "Uh, to jail..."


It was horrible.

I ended up having to go to A.A.,which is ridiculous.

First thing they tell you to do

is stop hanging aroundwith other alcoholics.

You know,so I stopped going to A.A.


I don't get it, man.

Why are cops so worriedabout drunk drivers

and not elderly drivers, right?They're worse.

Come on, how many times you beencruising down the freeway

and some fossil startsfloating into your lane?

Probably passed awaythree exits ago.

Am I the only personthat sees this?

Come on.

They don't even look likethey know where they're going.

I think they're justdriving toward the light.



I'm just glad this isa young crowd, you know.

One time after the showthis old guy came up to me,

he was like, "Hey, 20 years ago,I would have knocked you out."

I was, like, "Probably. I wassix years old, (bleep)."


I feel sorry forelderly people, man.

I don't know if you saw thisin the news recently.

They just sentenceda 92-year-old man

to the electric chair.

Do you believe that?

You don't need the electricchair to kill a 92-year-old man.

You could rub your feeton the carpet and touch him.