Confirmation Bias - Betsy DeVos Becomes the Secretary of Education

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 02/07/2017 Views: 185

With Betsy DeVos now confirmed as Secretary of Education, Josh McDermitt, Katie Aselton and Seth Morris ponder what curriculums will be taught in schools under her watch. (0:44)

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Before the break

I told you that Trump's lightlyqualified secretary of education

was confirmed today,and I asked you to give me

a lesson you might hearin a school in Trump's America.

Let's see what you came up with.Katie, let's start with you.

Welcome to Spanish class.We speak English here.

Very nice.

Joshua McDermitt.

First thing's first: bathrooms.

I'm sure a lot of youare confused.

Do I use the men's roomor the women's room?

So, to make things simple,from now on

we're just gonna (bleep)in our science textbooks.

Yeah. Good, very good.


Welcome to Book Burning 101.

Everybody get out your lighters.

All right.