Between the Scenes - Obamacare Confusion

October 27, 2016 - Jeezy 10/27/2016 Views: 8,734

Trevor reveals what he learned about Obamacare and the health care system after getting an appendectomy in an American hospital. (1:33)

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- That's honestly one of the most

frustrating things I've ever come across.

I've come to learn one of the biggest differences

you have in America versus a lot of developed countries is

the politics of the sides have become

more important than the politicsof the nation, you know?

And Obamacare is one of those examples.

You don't even have people agreeing

on the fact that everyone shouldhave universal healthcare,

and that is a strange thing.

That should be an American thing across the board.


That should be, and people generally don't realize that.

They go like "oh you don't need, oh we're

subsidizing those people."

Yeah you're gonna pay because you know

when you go to a hospital in America,

I've been reading up on it and it's been fascinating,

is the reason healthcarecosts are so high

is partly because the hospitalshave to make up for the fact

that most of the people who go there

can't pay for their surgeries, can't pay

for what's happening, so someone walks in,

they go I've gota bad toothache,

a bad headache, I don't have insurance,

I can go to the emergency room.

They can never pay that debt back,

and then the hospital goes okay when you come in

for an appendectomy, we're going to charge you double

to make up for the otherpeople who don't pay,

and that's like I learned this because

I had an appendectomy and I was like

goddamn what the hell is this thing?

(audience laughs)

Who have, I paid for another human being to exist,

that's what I've paid for here.

Why didn't you let me die?

That's what you should have done.

(audience laughs)

I could have flownhome, built a hospital,

changed my appendix, come back, and still had change.

(audience laughs)

That's what I could have done for this amount of money.

This is ridiculous!

(upbeat music)

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