Matt Braunger - Hangover Airlines

Matt Braunger: Shovel Fighter Season 1, Ep 1 07/14/2012 Views: 5,249

If Matt Braunger had his way, there would be a special section of every plane that supplied deep-dish pizza and unlimited Gatorade to hungover passengers. (1:01)

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a Hangover Airlines.

Why the [bleep] is there nota Hangover Airlines?

Like, a specific airline--at least a section of a plane

where the hangover people go.

Like, how many timeshave you flown home

from a vacation hung over?

Each and every time?

Like, you geton Hangover Airlines,

they give youa box of Cheez-Its

and five Advil, right?

You sit down,open the armrest,

there's a tube--unlimited Gatorade.

Suck away.

And you waitfor the deep-dish

Chicago-style pizzato get done.

♪ Hangover Airlines

♪ Everybody,shut your [bleep] mouth ♪

Shut your mouthon Hangover Airlines.

You do not talk.You do not talk.

I am so sickof, like, 7:00 A.M. flights

where I'm sweating whiskey,

and someone just had coffee.

"Here's a pictureof my kid."


Why don't they allow knives?