Amy Schumer Doll

Season 3 , Ep 2 04/28/15 Views: 22,398

The official Amy Schumer doll comes equipped to make all the mistakes that Amy makes in real life. (1:26)

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Amy, you're my best friend.

We do everything together.

We love to havetea parties.

And dance parties.

(woman) Get ready for a day

of fun and glamour

when you're hanging out with Amy,

the official Amy Schumer doll.

Look, she's spicing upher coffee.

Glamorous.(alarm clock ringing)

1:00 P.M.! We're allowedto wake her up now.

She's waking up in astranger's bed again.

She's so popular.

(record skipping)Uh-oh.

No wrappers onthe floor.

Time for Plan B.

Amy comes complete with a variety of accessories,

including a purse for her essentials

that you can dump on the table.

What's in yourpurse, Amy?

Birth control, Lexapro,dusty candy corn,

and a business cardfrom a Tekserve employee

that gave her a vibe.

Amy also comes with a six-pack of cranberry juice

to help her UTI.

You'll feel bettersoon, Amy.

Dress her in three different outfits

that hide her problem areas:

a crop top...

This shows offher tramp stamp.

...skinny jeans to keep in the closet...

For someday.

...and one nice thing for court.

(gavel bangs)

(girls laughing)

It's okay, Amy,

you can fall asleepin your clothes again.

Don't forgetto sleep on your side.

(Amy retching)

It's Amy, the official Amy Schumer doll

from the makers of Fat Babs.