Travon Free - Not Falling for That Again

Ali Wong, Travon Free, Paul F. Tompkins Season 4, Ep 7 09/06/2013 Views: 8,338

Travon Free keeps getting emails about a free cruise without a destination, which makes him very suspicious. (1:12)

that says I wona free cruise,

but it doesn't say where.

And the email has, like,all these happy white people,

and balloons,and blue water.

And it says,"Destination to be determined."

I'm like, "Oh, we're not fallingfor that again, white people."

No buddy.

No, no, no.

Fool me once,slave on me.

I will notget fooled again.

Get down to the dock,the boat's made out of wood.

It's like, what kind of [BLEEP]cruise is this?

The Royal Amistad?

All the cabinsare below-water cabins.

Like, you know howto row, right?

There's a restaurant in L.A.called the Souplantation,

and people wonder whyI won't eat there.

It has "plantation"in the name.

And kind of suspicious,

it's always my white friendstelling me to eat there.

Like, "Travon, you got to eatat the Souplantation, man.

"The food's so good,you'll want to stay there

and work against your will."

And I'm like,"No, no. No, thank you.

"But you call mewhen they open

"that Roscoe's Chickenand Reparations,

and I'll be there."