Susan Prekel - Annoying Moms

Season 1, Ep 0103 08/03/2006 Views: 1,796

Susan is not a fan of pregnant women. (2:11)

WOMAN:Whoo!Whoo! Nah, you know what?

You know what,I got to tell you,

I had to leave. It was a littletoo conservative.

A lot of L.L. Bean.

( laughter )

A lot of Talbots.

A lot of Talbots,which are really nice clothes

if you want your husbandto cheat on you.

( softly ):Very attractive.

And now we've got the pregnantmoms with the attitude.

Not all of them,but some of them.

They're walking around,their hair all thick and shiny

like a horse's tail.

( laughter )

They're glowingwith the light of life.

Lecturing everybody: "I didn'treally know what love was,

"but then... you can't imaginethe love I have

for this little person inside mewho I haven't even met!"

I was sitting by this one womanon the subway,

and she's, like, nine months,out to here,

like... ( hearty laugh )

"The baby just kicked."

( laughter )

That's 'cause he hates you.

I know a lot about hate, I do,

'cause I worked as a real estateagent for six months.

Whoo! That was fun!

Really fun.

I was a magnet for these, like,22-year-old girls

who "just graduatedfrom Wesleyan!"

( laughter )

And they're "lookingfor a one-bedroom,

something really special,nothing cookie-cutter, no."

'Cause they're "really creative,

and they want to honor that"in themselves.

( Prekel mumbles )

And they'd like to spend"like, $600 to $700."

( laughter )

And they knowit's gonna be hard to find,

but they want to keep looking,

'cause they feel liketheir apartment is out there.

"I was in yoga yesterday, Susan,

"and I just have a feelingmy apartment is out there.

I just know it."

Your apartmentis not out there, Katy.

( laughter )

All right? Your apartmentis not out there, okay?

And my boyfriendis not out there,

and your apartmentis not out there.

( laughing ):"I want to be two blocksfrom the subway."

Really?I want someone to be nice to me.