Anthony Jeselnik - Casey Anthony Joke

Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula Season 1, Ep 1 01/13/2013 Views: 40,687

At a show in Florida, a fan asks Anthony Jeselnik to stop telling Casey Anthony jokes. (2:05)

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post-show interactionof all time had to be

just -- just about a year ago.

I was performingin Orlando, Florida,

home of Casey Anthony.

And this isright after the trial,

like immediatelyafter the trial.

And I said,"Listen, everybody,

I don't understandwhat the big deal is here.

Of course Casey Anthonyis innocent.

If she's guilty of anything,it's killing her baby."

[ Laughter ]

Now, after the show,

I'm taking pictures,signing tits --

You know how it is.

[ Laughter ]

And a guy walks up to me,

totally sober,looking very upset.

And he says,"You need to do me a favor,"

which isa terrible way to start.

He says,"You need to never tell

another Casey Anthony jokeever again."

And I said, "Why?"

You know,just to be a dick.

[ Laughter ]

And he says --I'll never forget this.

He says, "Because her daughter,Caylee Anthony,

is my niece."

And I said, "Bull[bleep]"

At which pointhe takes out his phone,

sadly hits a couple buttons,

and he shows me a picture of himholding little Caylee Anthony,

in happier times, of course.

[ Laughter ]

And he says, "See?See, you son of a bitch?"

And I said,"No, man, I believe you.

I just meanshe was your niece."