Brooks Wheelan - Worst Prank Ever

Brooks Wheelan Season 4, Ep 5 09/19/2015 Views: 1,858

Determined to slight his older brothers, a young Brooks Wheelan played a gross prank that ended up causing him horrific pain. (1:51)

And I always had to sitin the back in the middle,

'cause I hadthese two older brothers

who were,who were absolute nightmares.

Like, I really disliked,I hated them when I was little.

They're all right now,but, like, when I was little,

they were so mean.

I remember when I was five,

I was, like,made this promise of, like,

"As soon as I am as bigas these men are,

"they will die.

"But for now, these handsare not strong enough.

"So we will settle

for placing our wiener intotheir mouthwash."


Which is a thing I did one time.

That's a thingyou only ever do one time.

It burns so bad.

It's crazy, it's crazy.

It happened 23 years ago,

and I can tell youevery event of that day.

That's what the pain was like.

I just remember being,like, five

and, like,going into their bathroom

and getting their Scope outand being like,

"They ain't gonna like this."

Uh, I put my wiener in it,and it didn't touch anything,

so I remember I had to, like,

press it against my skinand, like, lean back.


So it, like, cascaded down.

And the pain is immediate.

It doesn't need to soak.

Just right away, I was like,

"You've madea terrible mistake!

He knows not what he does!"

It's the first timeI'd ever been hurt

but couldn't tellmy mom about it.

You know what I mean?

Like, up until that point,there were no secrets.

This was the first secretI ever had.

But, like, after it happened,I was like,

"We're gonna go downwith this one, baby." Like...

I just knew I couldn't.

Like, anything else,I could go

up to my mom and be like,"Mom, I jumped off the roof.

I broke my back."

She'd be like,"Well, don't do that."

But I knew for thisI couldn't be like,

"Mom, I put my wienerin mouthwash!"

"Why?""'Cause I hate your children.

Because you did a nightmare job,to be honest."