Camping Dangers

Camping Season 1, Ep 5 04/11/2007 Views: 29,501

While out in the woods, the housemates learn about the hazards of living outdoors, and Serenity tries to convince the group that she's not bear food. (2:02)

he's your man ♪

♪ He's the bestin all the land ♪

Shut up, Kenny,you bitch.

Where are we?

When we gonnastart camping?!

All we been doingis walking!

Okay, guys, set up yourtents anywhere you want.

We're going to startour own little societyhere for the weekend.

But, I'll tell you,some words to the wise:

I would not put your tent

along an obviousanimal trail. Okay?

Don't put it againstthe base of a tree--

that's a lightning risk.

Don't put it in a depression;that's a flash-flood risk.

And finally, if any ofyou guys brought food,

against my instructions,

that's an invitationto a bear to comeinside your tent,

eat your food,and eat you.

Go ahead, Alan.

I really have to go. Where's the bathroom?

That's the beautyof this place, man.

Where's the bathroom?You tell me.

Any direction, a hundred yards,dig a hole, bam.

No, no way.I can't do a BM in the outdoors.

I mean, what if a lizard crawlsinto my fanny?

Uh-uh, forget it. I'll hold it.

Maybe someone should have boughtadult diapers.


Where your Huggies,bitch?


Hey! Why y'allbeing so stupid?!

I told y'all I ain'tgot no damn food!

Look, nobody wants to bebear food with your ass.

It ain't nothingbut some pussified park bears.

They can't take this.

I've got bad newsfor you, Serenity.

These "pussified park bears"have very limited range,

which means they're inbredand often retarded,

and there's nothing moredangerous than a retarded bear.

Hey. Anybody want some chicken?

(howling in the distance)

See, there gothat noise again.

Th-That scaresthe hell out of me.

No, no, Serenity.That's a great thing.

That's just a coyote.

A coyote?Is there a zoo nearby?

No, these are animalsthat are in the free.

That's what's wonderful,we live among them here.

They can justwalk up to us?