Kurt Braunohler - The Best Thing About Dogs

Kurt Braunohler: Trust Me Season 1, Ep 1 03/04/2017 Views: 654

Kurt Braunohler offers proof that a dog will always love you, even if you happen to be the worst person in human history. (0:54)

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You know, like, a dogwill love and trust anybody

and you know you know that'strue because Hitler had a dog.


That's a true fact.

Hitler had a dog,that dog's name was Wulfy.

That dog loved Hitler.

Hitler, worst person in history.

Would come home after murderingmillions of people

and Wulfy would just be like...

Oh, is that Hitler?

Oh, my God,Hitler's coming home!

Hitler's coming home!Oh, my God, I love Hitler!

I love Hitler!

I love Hitler so muchI'm gonna kiss his mouth!

I love Hitler, I love Hitler!

(laughter and cheering)

You guys gota little uncomfortable

because it is strangeto see a tall white man yell

"I love Hitler" on stage,

even if it's with a historicallyaccurate dog.

I get it.