Uncensored - Brad Williams - S**t Just Got Interesting

Ari Shaffir, Pete Davidson, Brad Williams Season 1, Ep 2 04/20/2014 Views: 8,700

As a little person, Brad Williams knows how the audience is going to react as soon as he walks on stage. (1:24)

Had to do that.

This next guy, I've workedwith him many, many times.

He's amazing, he's funnyand he's here for you now.

You might know him asthe host of the podcast

"About Last Night".

I hate any midget thatis more famous than me.

Peter Dinklage.

Wee Man.

David Spade.

Any midget that's morefamous than me, I hate them.

Fuck you guys.

Please welcome BradWilliams, everybody.

Oh, dude.

Here we go,here we go.

Dave Attell!

I know! I know!

Like, don't get me wrong,you guys have seen a lot of

ridiculously talented comedians,but let's be honest.

Shit just gotinteresting, okay?

Exactly! Exactly!

Like, a lot of you guys don'tknow who I am, don't know what

TV shows I've been on,but a midget walks on stage,

you're like,"This is gonna be good."

That's it!

You're happy as hellwhen you see a midget.

You're fucking happy.

That's why I don'tthink we're using midgets

properly in this country.

We're not.

We have normal jobs.

We should nothave normal jobs.

They should be giving usto cancer patients.

How awesomewould that be?

"I'm sorry, sir, I'vediscovered you have cancer."

"Damn it!"

"Here's your midget,""Fuck yeah!"